I have been thinking about writing a blog for some time now and my struggle (and what held me back) was always the question “who would want to hear what I have to say?”…… until now.  Now I realize, through my research, there are really only two types of blogs – information blogs and entertainment blogs.  I also realized that to have a successful blog, it has to be something that I care about and would do whether no one read or thousands read.

So, at the age of 51, I’ve decided to start this “chapter” in my life book for a few reasons:

  1. Our kids are grown and starting to lead their own lives, they aren’t around day to day.  They have their phones with them always, but to get a phone call out of them is hard (especially my boys) and when they do call (or I call them), it’s not an hour call, it’s a 5 or 10 minute call.  I’m hoping that this blog will show them that their mom is more than just a mom – she has many sides to her and she may even be a little interesting.   As I grow older, I am becoming more sentimental, more reflective and while they are still young and busy living their own lives, one day they will probably feel the same and may really look back on these posts and see a different side to their mom.
  2. I am a very forgetful person.  Every once in awhile I have great thoughts….sometimes amazing thoughts……and then they disappear.  Maybe, just maybe,  writing down my thoughts will capture some nuggets of insight worthy of the years it will float in the world wide web.
  3. People like to read about REAL people, real lives, real thoughts – not edited, altered or beautified.  I want to add to that.

In my blog posts you might find some things interesting, some things weird, maybe a little bit of funny, definitely some serious thoughts, maybe even some sad things.  Whatever the posts may be, they will be real and they will always end with a tidbit on an essential oil and a bit of gratitude.

Speaking of that, I am very grateful for Rick (my hubby) for allowing me the opportunity to live a life I love, I could not do this without his support, encouragement, and love.

Here we go!  As I grab my favourite essential oil – right now it’s Brain Power –  take in a big huff in – let the virtual tongue-wagging begin !


Did You Know – the Young Living blend called Brain Power is full of sesquiterpene compounds that play a role in cleaning petrochemicals along receptor sites near the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus.  This can help increase the amount of oxygen in those areas, increased oxygen in these areas may lead to increased mental capacity, clarity, and reduced “brain fog”. (taken from reference guide for essential oils)