It’s really too bad that as young adults we were not taught basic business and personal budgeting and/or how to fill out a tax return as a mandatory class.  At least they didn’t teach it in my generation, and I really feel that was detrimental to us all.

Being in my fifties, my parents have been a part of the big booms of the 1970’s and big busts of the 1980’s.  I can remember my parents giving us a life of annual vacations, big Christmas and birthday gifts, life on an acreage with horses and other farm animals.  I never knew my “financial status” as I always had everything I ever wanted.  But they struggled, I know now that they struggled a lot to keep what we had, but it wasn’t easy, and it was NEVER discussed in front of us.

I was born of a generation where financial matters were kept to the adults.  I did not learn about writing lists of wants and working to save to get them.  I was always the one who bought the wants, then found a way to pay for them.  No patients, no planning, just very determined to find a way to make it happen.  That lead to an early experience in credit card debt, bank loans, and needing three jobs to keep my bills paid – and I was only 19 at the time.  I always found a way to pay for things, but it was stressful.  This pattern continued for a very long time, and it affected everything in my life.

Now I can’t blame my financial ups and downs on my parents or my education.  This was my lesson in life to learn, and it took quite a while to learn, but I’ve learned it well.  I’ve worked hard for what I have, probably a little harder than I needed to but that’s because the wants were always bigger than they needed to be.

Fast forward to this decade….it seems we are almost in the same position or very close to the same position as the early to mid 1980’s – the big bust.  Funny (or disturbing) fact, Pierre Trudeau was the Premier in power in the early 1980’s (that’s right Justin Trudeau’s father), and ….. look where we are.

I digress, my point is a great economic adjustment is here, businesses are struggling, layoffs by the thousands, oil prices have dropped drastically, suffice to say, things are changing and companies are looking at what makes sense to keep afloat, and that unfortunately means many of us in our 50’s are considered “too expensive” to keep, or “early retirement” is suggested.  Just when you get to the stage of “income stashing” years, the years where the kids are gone and you are now D.I.N.K.S (double income no kids).  This was our SAVINGS years!!

But we are a resilient group, are parents were entrepreneurial, industrious and that rubbed off on us.  We got the best of the “work hard” and “work smart” motto!  We are survivors, we aren’t afraid of getting in their elbows deep and working for what we want.  We have dreams, vision, maturity and a great amount of experience on our side.

In enters the Silver Solopreneur!

What’s that you ask…..well it’s people in their 50’s and 60’s branching out (either forced or on their own) to follow their passions, start new, or just plain survive in the world today.  I must say, I am proud to say I am one of them!

What I love about the Silver Solopreneur, is that they have been around for a while and they have a different view of what business means to them.  It’s rarely about making millions, and more about community, connection, purpose, and a solid foundation of financial stability.  They are patient yet understand the urgency of action, they are excited and focused yet understand the need for balance, they surround themselves with people that are supportive and they help build a community, they believe that long-standing connections are more important than turning a quick buck.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the tax benefits!

Where my expertise and Solopreneur ship lies….is on the financial book’s side, the accounting and taxes, and I love working with the Solopreneur.  They live in the thick of it, they have their hands in everything, want to learn everything, they want to know the basics of bookkeeping and financials.

That’s the part that I love, meeting with them face to face, belly to belly and speaking in layman’s words, showing them how THEY can manage their books and financials until they decide on their own terms when it’s time to let the books go to someone else so they can focus on other parts of the business.

In the years to come, you will see more of these Silver trailblazers in all shapes and sizes and all types of businesses.  I hope you support them.

As always, I will end with a note of gratitude and an essential oil to match it.

Today my admiration and gratitude goes out to the Silver Solopreneur!  You are one of a kind, full of vibrant energy and newfound purpose. Whatever you have chosen as your entrepreneurial path I wish you prosperity, health, and happiness.

I would like to celebrate you with a grand essential oil blend called Journey On.  A commemorative blend that celebrates the life and vision of D. Gary Young, an inspiring aroma that is herbaceous and earthy.  If you ever have a chance to smell this blend it is inspiring, uplifting, and warm.

As always, keeping it Oily…Not Greasy

Denise Kirk