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Together  Everyone  Achieves  More

A team encourages, inspires, raises each other up, runs beside, celebrates the wins, works through the losses, learns together, shares experiences

We have an amazing team of diverse people, all bringing special talents to the table, combined we are a force!

A Handy Woman

As a new acreage owner, Monique and her husband have dreams of becoming self-sustainable and are currently researching hydroponics for the greenhouse they plan on constructing this summer, obtaining a beehive, and raising chickens and a few goats.  They make their living with their Contracting business and are using these talents to renovate the acreage house to bring their dreams to reality.

Monique has been a believer in the healing properties of the oils for many years and uses many in her day to day lifestyle.  To create a life without chemicals is her ultimate goal.

Be The Change! Help Each Other!

After being introduced to Thieves Essential Oil in 2014, Rhonda became a true believer in Young Living's products. She has embraced nature's medicine and holistic practices to help heal her immune system and rid her body of Lyme Disease - which she contracted from a wood tick in the spring of 2013 while gathering moss from a marshy forest near Edmonton.

Young Living Essential Oils have become a key part of Rhonda's daily life and wellness routine.   Whether in the comfort of home with Richard, her husband of 25 + years, or teaching her students in the French classroom, these high-quality oils are being diffused, ingested and applied.  The presence of Lemongrass, Peace & Calming, or Citrus Fresh are among her favourites and welcome her guests into the milieu that Rhonda lovingly and joyfully creates.

Rhonda has traded in her fixed mindset for one of growth.  She is grateful to Denise the founder of Earthly Essential Oils for creating this platform of support and encouragement.  Together with Richard, they are committed to improving their spirit/body-health and increasing their financial-wealth so that they can better love and serve others.

Stay tuned to learn a little about Sarah!

Northern Star

This high-energy farm gal grew up in Northern Saskatchewan but spent many years living and working in Calgary.  She decided to go back to the small-town life which eventually led her to meet the love of her life and together they moved north to Yellowknife.

The north is home to Christine. Her heart and soul are grounded at their remote, off the grid cabin in the Northwest Territories – a contrast to the global, corporate life Christine has also enjoyed over the past 20+ years. Christine is most happy fishing, cutting wood, picking berries and other botanicals to incorporate into wholesome and nutritious meals.

After many years of exploring Holistic Nutrition from a distance, Christine is studying it full time and incorporating Essential Oils into her Holistic portfolio that she hopes will help people prevent illness.

Mom of Inspiration

Laurie is the proud mom of three great young men.  Raising 3 boys on her own without any support was tough, but she did it, while working for the Calgary Food Bank. 

Supporting others in need is something that is close and dear to Laurie’s heart and if you ever get a chance to sit down and have coffee with her, she has some truly inspiring stories to share. 

Laurie’s love of essential oils blossomed into a desire to build a business, educate, and above all inspire people.

Sporty under 40!

Don’t let Jamie’s soft demeanor throw you off, she is a go-getter! Jamie loves essential oils and shares her knowledge and expertise with all she meets.  And if she doesn’t have the information, she’ll find it for you! 

Jamie grew up in small towns in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.  Nature has been a part of her from the start of her life.  She has a love of camping and fishing and loves to spend time outside with her husband, two kids, and their family pet,  Koda.

Being a mother of a young child just starting school, she is officially our resident expert on all things “kid”!

Farm Girl

Having grown up on a farm and owning her own business as a Registered Massage Therapist for 22 years, Lisa understands that one must work hard to succeed.

When she was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and products, Lisa knew she had found a "gem" that truly helped others meet their health and wellness goals; a desire Lisa has had for as long as she can remember.

Retired & Fabulous

With over 30 years in the financial service industry, Pauline knows a thing or two about a good investment and she believes investing in a families health and wellness is something that can't be missed.

A woman like Pauline can't sit idle even as a new retiree, but she is enjoying travels with her husband of 41 years in their RV. Frequent trips to the east coast to see family and friends are in order soon, so keep a lookout for this lovely lady on the road - it will be the best smelling RV out there!