Age Has a Way of Changing Your Thinking

At a time in my life where I believed I had everything I needed, a great family, financial stability, a challenging and enjoyable job, I started to look a little deeper within myself and in particular, my health.   I would not say I’m the most physically fit or healthiest person, but overall, I am active and I eat well.

What I was not impressed with were the little ailments that started popping up here, there, and seemingly more often than not.  The subsequent visits to the doctor had me more uneasy…how simple it was to prescribe this or that….and that it was more often than not, just putting a ‘band-aide’ on the symptom.

Well we get older and things happen, but the underlying concerns were not always addressed……this got me thinking….and searching…..

My search took me back to the root cause and a way to address it that resonated with me,  closer to “natural” instead of farther away.   Reading articles and magazines on how my body is made to heal if it’s given the proper tools opened my mind to a world I didn’t even know at the time.

This is where my journey into essential oils began.  I started looking at my lifestyle….not how many times I went out or who I hung out with, but what was in my cupboards, my bathroom, my makeup drawer.  What I saw shook me to my core.  The changes in our household have impacted more than just my husband and I, it has rippled to family, friends, and beyond – a little revolution, another option, a choice.

Let me tell you it’s been a hell of an education and fun journey!  One that I will continue to travel the rest of my life.

Are you ready to join me?!