Firstly, I don’t trust that the mainstream media is telling us the whole story….why?  Because I’ve seen with my own eyes the way they word their articles and titles for profit NOT the full story.  I don’t discount them totally, but I do search other less known, but reputable sources.  I try to keep my eyes wide open and look for the story behind the story and I urge everyone else to try and do the same.

I’ve been watching, listening, and reading about the crisis we find ourselves in these days and have decided to share my own thoughts about COVID-19.  Before I do though, anyone who decides to jump on me for something I say, read the whole post, know that I admittedly say it’s from the comfort of my home, and know that I am 100% aware that I don’t know everything.

I have gone through a multitude of emotions over the past two weeks, starting with “it’s a conspiracy to cover up the financial crisis we are currently in” all the way to “Oh My Gawd…..I have plastic bags under my sink that could have COVID-19 on it!” and every possible thought in between.

In the beginning, I thought this whole thing was blown out of proportion mainly because there is so much more than this going on in the world – the oil price drop and the market crash.  Is that just me that sees this?

Today, however, regardless of how we have come to where we are now,  I have to admit I am nervous.  Watching the speed at which this virus is taking hold and knowing that the results have to be at least 1 week to 2 weeks behind (based on my understanding that it takes a week or so for test results to come back), that in and of itself scares me.  This and the fact that we did not have the full details early on can only mean that the number of people infected or carrying has got to be far larger than it is showing right now.

I am nervous because of how many of us already have weak immune systems.  Yes, this is my little rant about how we’ve been taught to use a pill to fix our problems rather than doing the harder work of eating healthier, exercising, and getting enough sleep and playtime. We need to start taking what we put into our bodies seriously.  Our body is a very intelligent and resilient machine.  It has the ability to heal itself if it is strong enough and has the proper tools – so feed it properly!   The best analogy I can give is a car running on dirty oil, sure it will run, but not optimally.  We are doing the same with our bodies – feeding it “dirty” food, so we run, but not optimally.  We truly are becoming the Living Sick.  Overfed and undernourished.   Ok….rant over.

This virus has literally slowed us down, it’s making us take stock of what is important by taking away our “busy”.  So I personally, am using it for just that……I’m taking a look at the “what if this is the new norm”, how will I slow down, how would I change my routines?  It’s kind of scary, but also kind of freeing.  I don’t believe all is lost, just that things will change.

New realizations of what could be will have us thinking differently, and hopefully, the change will be with a good attitude and an open heart.  Buying healthier food that feeds our bodies rather than buying a fast food restaurant meal; learning how to cook, can, and make basic foods that our grandparents used to; growing a garden in a pot, on a patio, or in the back yard; buying locally and supporting local businesses.  And lets not forget, supporting friends and family through conversation (not texting or email) but rather by phone, video call or in person.

So, with all the thoughts going through my brain, there are a few things I know will help keep me strong during this time and I hope you see value in them:

  •  Vitamin C – double dosing on this bad boy – it helps keep my immune system strong.  My favourite is Young Livings Super C – just two tablets contain 2000% of my daily required intake.  I take 6 per day spread out over the day (yes it keeps me quite regular).
  • Ningxia Red – a superfood packed full of anti-oxidants – the highest anti-oxidants available.  I take two ounces a day.
  • PLENTY of vegetables – 1/2 the plate at least twice a day.  Frozen is a good choice right now, but if I choose fresh I always make sure I wash it really good!  Thieves dish soap or Thieves veggie cleaner is my go-to as they both contain only non-toxic ingredients.
  • Fruit daily – nothing can replace the goodness of a real piece of fruit.
  • Walking outside – cooped up in my home all day will drive me nuts and it is its own toxic hell hole with whats in your flooring, furniture, etc.  Yes, I stay away from people, and it doesn’t mean I go play in the park or walk around touching things.  I just go for a walk.
  • Diffuse essential oils – they can be for killing airborne bacteria or for the lovely scent – both are good.  It has been scientifically proven that scent can affect your mood and overall well being.  Lavender, lemon, orange, bergamot, and grapefruit (but not limited to) have all been studied for their benefits to your mental health – uplifting, calming anxiety, and more.  My favourites right now are Laurus Nobilis and Thieves.
  • Calling my friends on the phone, just to see how they are doing.
  • Oh, and of course, washing my hands with SOAP!  And ALWAYS non-toxic to your body, my fav is Thieves foaming hand soap.

Most importantly, I want to say thank you.  Thank you to all those who are working hard to help us get through this time – the medical, firefighters, paramedics, emergency call lines, grocery, trucking people, and all other emergency services.  I APPRECIATE YOU!

I also send my heartfelt prayers to those where this has affected them in catastrophic ways.  May you have the strength to move forward in this tough tough time.

From me to you……..Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home!


…….. how do I sign off on blogs?  Do I actually write my name or is it already implied?