Since I was young I loved being among the bushes and trees.  I say bushes because I come from an area where the trees were smaller and there was a lot of undergrowth.  The smells varied and exploration in the back forty acres was endless.  My world was peaceful and serene with a little bit of natural selection (finding things that did not live), but I can’t forget to add in a whole lot of chores.

I have two brothers and our life was dirty, fun, and full of interesting things.  We explored bones, what was in interesting looking poop, and looked in holes and crevices – some of which I know now wasn’t a great idea (hello badger).   We climbed trees, horses, barns, we even rode our pet cow and did something we called “pig skiing”.   We laid in open fields and picked wild berries., funny thing is, somehow we knew what we could and could not eat (we must have been listening to our parents, lol).

I look back at what we had and believe to this day we were a rich family.  Maybe not in money, but in experiences, you know the stuff that actually matters, oh the memories and stories we could tell.  We learned how to plant a garden and how to store and can food.  We did a lot of complaining, as kids do, but it didn’t help me get out of chores and I appreciate every ounce of it now.

Have you seen the Facebook video of the beautiful girl with the fake nails, fake eyelashes, makeup and dyed hair is saying “2020 is the farm girls year”?  Hell yes, it is, it always has been!  You can be a celebrity all year long, but if your whole being relies on other people and stores to provide you the basics…you are in big trouble when the world’s economy and market falls apart (ehem, like now).  But I digress…..

For all of you who are in the midst of this COVID-19, and that is all of us, today is a good day to look at learning something new and sustainable for you and your family – in your own backyard (or patio, or windowsill).  It’s science, life skills, and I think there is a little math in there too – homeschooling for the win!

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas that will bring a sense of joy and self-sufficiency:

  1. Learn how to plant a salad bowl, teach your child how the earth can feed them what they need, here’s a great link to Salad Bowl Containers.
  2. Start a worm compost – it’s clean, cheap, and can fit under your sink.  It’s also a natural way to feed your plants (and salad bowl).  Heck, it’s a great way for kids to learn a little business too – selling worms for fishing, for composting….the ideas are endless.   If you are local to Edmonton check out this  facebook page:  FF Garden & Red Wigglers 
  3. Join a community garden – they are everywhere and people who have the gardens are always more than happy to show someone new how to do it (free of charge).

In today’s world sanitizing is the new theme, but have you ever heard the saying “a little dirt never hurt anyone”?  It’s true, dirt has beneficial microbes in it, it actually does your body some good.  So get your hands a little dirty and celebrate Mother Earth.


And to keep mother earth and your body happy, let’s keep those good microbes in our water and on ourselves by using a natural hand soap like Thieves Foaming Hand Soap – it has all the good cleaning ability without the toxins.


My gratitude today goes out to my mom, Jackie.  Thanks for teaching me (and she continues to teach me) how to plant a garden for family and friends.  And thank you to mother earth for allowing me to use your resources to do so.

Happy Earth Day

Denise Kirk